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Welcome to Tooth Implant Pittsburgh, a one-stop shop for teeth replacement surgery. Before continuing it’s important you understand that this website does not belong to any particular dental practice, or cosmetic dentist. While most cosmetic dentists today are promoting their business on the internet with their own site, showing off all the services they offer, our website was designed to focus on on one specific form of cosmetic dentistry – dental implants.

When a visitor lands on our site, and is interested in setting up an appointment, they either fill out the email form, found here on the page, or they call the phone number listed. Both the email, and the call, are forwarded over to a dentist that was selected using a certain criteria, which, we feel, helps us choose the best dental implant dentist in Pittsburgh.

While there are a number of benchmarks we check off before agreeing to promote a dentist, we consider this to be proprietary information that helps our website rank high in the search engines, and the best choice for many patients seeking dental implants in, and around, the city of Pittsburgh.

Impant Dentistry in Pittsburgh

Impant Dentistry in Pittsburgh

One of those benchmarks we look for is a dental practice that is on the cutting-edge of technology – not just dental technology, but all forms of technology. For instance, does this practice have a website that generates traffic for it’s business, or is it just another brochure website, that offers a ton of information, but very little value? Is that site set up to be seen by mobile devices? Do they update their site, or does it look the same as it did when it was first created? If their website is updated regularly, and the practice is always listing new offers they are promoting – this is an area we can check off that list.

Another benchmark is their social media presence. Are they on some form of social media? They don’t have to be on all of them; but are they on the main sites at least? And even more important, are they posting regularly on that site, so people who do use social media can keep up with any new promotions they’re running?

Another area are “offers.” We work with dentists that offer value, not just discounted prices. Here’s one thing patients need to understand, the minute a practice starts dropping prices, they also start dropping quality. Quality cannot be upheld if the pricing doesn’t justify the care, and focused-work, that goes into a product or service. Do you really want an oral surgeon rushing through your surgery because they know they will only make money off an offer if they see a certain amount of patients in one day?

This is what happens when dentists lower prices to try and get more business. They end up having to rush through multiple visits to make up their money on the back end. Instead of putting a patient’s oral health at risk, we instead focus on dentists that offer value through add-ons, and/or upgrades, a patient cannot get on a regular basis – this is why these are considered “limited time offers.”

When a dentist has these standards as part of their overall practice, along with a couple of other criteria not mentioned, we decide to partner with them, and send our visitors to them. We value you, our visitor, and we make sure that all our visitors are placed into the best hands possible. When you get in contact with a dentist from Tooth Implant Pittsburgh, you can rest assured assured that you are getting one of the best, if not the best, dentists in Pittsburgh.


Implants, in general, are set up using one of two procedures:

1) Implants placed in-the-bone
2) Implants placed on-the-bone

Implant Dentist in Pittsburgh

Implant Dentist in Pittsburgh

In-the-bone-implants are performed most frequently; and are set up to place metal posts directly into the jawbone. The reason why implants are priced as high as they are is because when they procedure is completed, the implant needs to perform like an actual tooth performs. It needs to fit in correctly with all the other teeth. It needs to be able to bite down into foods every other tooth can bite into, and not break. It needs to be able to be flossed around, like a real tooth; and most importantly – it needs to look like a real tooth as well. To do this, dentists need to overcome different issues a patient’s mouth will throw in front of them. Remember, no two people are the same; which means no two sets of teeth are going to be the same.

While one surgery may take an hour with one patient, another could take two, or even longer, with another. This is why calling around town for the cheapest prices may sound like a smart idea, until you realize you may be setting yourself to have crappy work performed on you. This does not mean you cannot get affordable, or low cost, implants placed, but it does mean cheap dental implants are nothing more than a pipe dream; especially if you are getting on-the-bone implants.

On-the-bone implants are performed when the patient’s jawbone health is in bad shape, and cannot withstand the normal procedure. This is why it is important that all visitors, seriously interested in having implants placed, schedule an appointment with the dentist to see where you are, and what steps need to be taken to get you the result you are after. Dental implants cost vary from patient to patient, but once a dentist understands what’s at stake, they can give you their best pricing; and then, and only then, do you have the real amount you will need to invest. If you are getting pricing over the phone, realize that this is nothing more than an estimate, and estimates change because the specialist hasn’t seen what work lies before them.


Dental Implant Smile Pittsburgh

Dental Implant Smile Pittsburgh

Another area we rate our dentists on is whether or not they offer free oral examinations. We understand that business runs or revenue, and a practice can’t keep the lights on unless there is money coming in on a regular basis. At the same time, we aren’t interested in working with dentists who make their money charging small fees for every single thing they do, including an oral examination before performing implants.

Many dentists feel that they need to make some money from a prospective patient in the event the patient decides not to go through with the procedure after getting the pricing. We understand this, and it’s why we ask all dentists to conduct a rigorous screening before the patient ever shows up. This is why it’s important that you call up expecting to be on the phone for a few minutes before setting up your appointment. This helps the dentist, but it also helps you as well. When you show up for the appointment, the dentist will have most of your information on file, and the visit can go as smooth as possible.

The team here at Tooth implant Pittsburgh is ready to help you get started down your path to healthy, good-looking, teeth today. Contact our dental implant specialist now to schedule your free oral examination, and one-on-one consultation. Living with missing teeth today is a choice. With the amount of progress made in the dental field, in this area over the last few decades, the only reason yo would suffer in silence is becasue you chose to do so. Turn your life around today. Contact us now to start down your new path today!!

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